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Pure Linen Broadbrim Hat - Midnight Blue

Pure Linen Broadbrim Hat - Midnight Blue

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Linen, derived from the flax plant, is a timeless fabric celebrated for its natural elegance and breathability. Its crisp texture and cool feel make it perfect for warm climates, as it efficiently absorbs moisture. Linen is not only durable but also softens with each wash, maintaining its structure. Its subtle sheen adds sophistication to various garments, from casual to formal wear. Beyond aesthetics, linen is eco-friendly, requiring fewer pesticides and less water in cultivation. A versatile choice, linen seamlessly combines style, comfort, and sustainability.

These gorgeous hats feature:

  • 100% linen
  • Unique ‘anti-flop’ brim
  • Neck strap
  • Foldable, washable and packable for easy storage and travel
  • Size L: Best fit adults/big kids head size 56-58cm
  • Brim width 9-10cm