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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1- What's the difference between a bucket hat, a floppy hat, a broadbrim hat, and an extrawide-brim hat?

Bucket hats: as the name suggests, these hats have a square crown that is shaped like a bucket. The brim is smaller and more downwards-sloping than that of the floppy and broadbrim hats. Bucket hats also have a snugger fit than the other styles.


Floppy hats: these hats have a dome-shaped crown making them more feminine-looking. They also have a wider brim, by about 2-3cm, than bucket hats.

Broadbrim hats: the 'love child' of bucket hats and a floppy hats, these hats have a square-shaped crown like the bucket hat but with a wider brim like the floppy hat.

Extrawide-brim hats: similar to our broadbrim hats but with an even bigger brim of 12-12.5cm


2- I am an adult with a small head and most OSFA hats on the market are too big for me. Would your kid hats suit me?

You could refer to our sizing chart for reference.

You could opt for a bucket hat size L. All our bucket hats come with a size adjuster at crown for a perfect fit. Bucket hats also have a snugger fit and has a very cutesy cut which are so popular with petite adults.

The size M in floppy style could fit head size up to 55cm and we have had quite a lot of customers with smaller head size very happy with this one.

3- Do you have men hats?

We do not have men hats per se but our bucket hats are a good option for unisex choice.

4- Do you have hats in bigger size that would fit head size up to 62cm?

We currently only have hats fit head size up to 58cm. We are looking at extending our size but we do not have a definite date yet. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all updates.

5- Do your hats have chinstrap? My kids just keep losing their hats!!

Absolutely! Our hats come with detachable chinstrap (how awesome is that).

The only hats that don't have chinstrap is the adult corduroy bucket hats (the winter limited edition) 

6- What materials do you use?

We use 100% natural fibers to make our hats. It's mainly pure cotton but we do also have cotton-linen blend or pure linen. We are looking at other eco-friendly materials like tencel and bamboo as well.

7- I am not sure what size to choose for my kid. He/she is xyz years old.

We recommend measure your kid's head as head sizes could vary significantly from one kid (and adult) to the other. 

Then refer to our sizing chart to choose the size that best fits your little one.

If your kid's head size is, say 51cm he/she could go with either size S in any style or M bucket as the bucket hats have a size adjuster at crown.

If your kid's head size is, say 54 cm he/she could go with the size M in any style, or size up to an L in bucket style which will last them a bit longer, and bucket hats have a size adjuster at crown.

But we wouldn't recommend size L in floppy or broadbrim style for head size 54cm under as they might be too big. Go with size M in these styles!


Any other questions just feel free to send us an email