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Biggest Hat Nuisance #1: Improper Brim

My biggest hat nuisance would be the improper brim.

What I find with most of the bucket hats available is that their brim is too narrow which doesn't provide sufficient shade for my eyes, ears and neck (which are the most sensitive skin areas).
As for floppy hats, the brim is too floppy and doesn't have proper insert. As a result, it would flop onto my eyes blocking my vision.

Sole Mio bucket and floppy hat designs took into serious consideration the brim. Our brim width complies with Sunsmart guidelines. In fact, it is 1-2 cm wider than the suggested minimum width giving your face plenty of shade. It also has a unique soft insert to allow it to stay upright but is still comfy, washable and foldable.

1-0 for Sole Mio Hats vs other hats🏅 !!