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Possum Tale

On the 9th of October, Michelle who works at the School of Life Sciences La Trobe University spotted a baby ring tail possum out of its drey being swooped on by magpies and noisy miners.

She immediately called on her colleague Anita to join in this very important Possum Rescue Mission.

Anita used a tea towel to get the baby off the ground and put it in a small cardboard box.

The baby then was handed to the School Honours student Lauren (who is a licensed wildlife carer). Lauren had it with her in a pouch the whole day, dehydrated it and fed it. That evening Lauren took the baby possum near the drey and located Mumma Possum – they have been happily united.

In Anita’s own words:

“One of the reasons I love my job is that I get to work with amazing staff and students who never cease to amaze me. Spotted by a team mate, rescued by me, in excellent care with one of our Honours students, this baby has been given a new life

La Trobe Wildlife sanctuary on-site here at Bundoora is amazing and the staff there are incredible”

Shout out to the amazing Possum Rescue Squad at La Trobe! We love your heart-warming story!

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