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Collaborating Artist's Profile


Candice Gray is a printed textile designer based in Oxfordshire (UK). She specialises in hand-painted florals and whimsical characters.

The natural world, especially flowers, is an endless source of inspiration for Candice. She marries beautifully traditional gouache and pastels with fresh modern colour palette.

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Christie is an Australian illustrator and surface pattern designer specialising in drawing colourful Australian flowers, tropical plants, whimsical birds and nature inspired designs. She spends her days creating designs for fabric, textiles, home decor, greeting cards and stationery for brands worldwide.

Christie's inspiration comes from the native birds and surrounding forest and gardens right outside the window of her home studio in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. She is also inspired by the organic shapes of flowers, the unusual and waxy leaves of indoor plants, plus the retro fashions and decor of the 1960’s.

Christie grew up in a small town on the Sunshine Coast and moved to Melbourne in 2008 where she completed a Bachelor Degree in Design at Monash University. After graduating she spent the following 6 years working within the stationery industry designing greeting cards in-house for an Australian greeting card company Henderson Greetings, before taking the plunge and pursuing her illustration career.

She won the Raw 'Melbourne Artist of the Year' award in 2014 and has exhibited her work around Australia as well as internationally, including exhibitions with Belle Magazine, Brooklyn Art Library, and Brunswick Street Gallery.

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As a child Marni Stuart dreamed of growing up to be a rainbow farmer. She has 
since built a multifaceted practice working as a textile designer, researcher and
design lecturer.

Stuart’s personal design practice is inspired by regionalism and sense of place.
Her designs feature the native flora surrounding her Sunshine Coast-based home.

Each piece starts by hand, using drawing, painting and other mark making
techniques to create varied motifs.

Within her patterns the shapes are simplified and abstracted, foregrounds and
backgrounds are flattened to create single depth of perception. Focal points are
often removed, replaced with a repetitive rhythm of bold elements to provide
a piece that compliments, but doesn’t direct the form of the garment it sits
upon. Colour is harnessed with reckless abandon, with bright contrasting hues
thrashing it out in each work.

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