About Our Masks



Utilising the offcut fabrics from our hats, we make our masks with the same standard of workmanship and philosophy: the optimal balance for style, comfort and functionality.

These masks are triple-layered: the first and third layers are made from 100% natural fiber while the second layer is a poly/cotton or poly/linen blend fabric.

Our fabrics are tightly woven but still breathable.

All our masks have a nose wire for perfect contour. This also helps to minimize glasses fogging as you can adjust the mask to sit snugly and comfortably under your glasses.


To provide a more spacious feel, and to prevent the mask from sticking onto your nose when you breath in, we also insert some support across the nose bridge for a better curved structure.


For the ear-loops we use a soft, round-edged elastic material to provide more comfort.

These loops are adjustable. Simply retie them to get your desired fit.

For a neater look, pull the elastic along the casting to tuck the ends into the casting.

All our masks are double sided: you can wear them either side, just like our hats!!

 Refer to the page below for How to Pre-order yours: